Our Security Measures

At Bright Futures Learning Centers Inc., the health, privacy, and safety of children come first and foremost. During these uncertain times, we are taking extensive safety measures, so you will feel as comfortable as possible when dropping your loved one off at our facility.

Taking Every Health Precaution

We are closely following recommendations from the CDC, and fully compliant with local ordinances.

  • Protective Masks – Every adult that enters the building will be required to wear a face mask. Our staff and educators will be wearing them throughout the day while in contact with children.
  • Symptom-Free – We require all children and adults that enter our building to be free of symptoms such as fever, cough, stuffy/runny nose, body aches, chills, and sneezes.
  • Limited Classroom Access – We are asking parents to remain in common areas only, and not enter the classrooms at this time.
  • Temperature Checksevery staff, student and guest receives temperature checks upon entry of the building.
  • VaccinationIn accordance with federal guidelines, we have provided and will continue to provide resources to our staff on how to become vaccinated.
  • Wellness Checks – Our staff will perform wellness checks on children throughout the day, and contact parents immediately if any symptoms arise.
  • Safe & Healthy Meals – We believe that mealtime should always be healthy. We are only serving meals that have been pre-plated or plated by a teacher.
  • Hygiene Practices ­– In addition to our regular hygiene practices, we are increasing the frequency of handwashing, and the cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces.
  • Rapid COVID Testing ­– Bright Futures Learning Centers Inc. is producing the option for onsite rapid COVID testing for all in person staff.

Have a Question About Our Safety Measures?

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