Our Creative Curriculum

When your child enters our Kindergarten Program, they will experience exploratory learning. We practice a continuum of learning from our Pre-K Counts program. Which means, we take the knowledge your child has already gained, and build upon it by what’s called scaffolding.  We will support their learning by building concepts brick by brick over the years from one program to the next.

From watching caterpillars turn to butterflies, to gardening and to field trips, like the farm, we put emphasis on heavily engaging your children through science, agriculture and the arts.  We are using Creative Curriculum. Our Creative Curriculum based teaching focuses on primary areas to get your child ready for 1st Grade, like Writing, letters, Math, Science and Social Studies.

State Certified Program

We offer care and learning to children ages 5 to 6, Monday through Friday, 8am to 1:30pm. Our Kindergarten program is in person only, with state certified teachers. Our classroom ratio is 1:12.

Both our teachers and program are state certified. Upon completion, your child is promoted to the 1st grade. Every year we hold graduation for our students!

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Guided By 3 Core Principles

We take the guidance set forth by our principles and implement them into Creative Curriculum and developmental approaches that are proven to foster more success in children than traditional methods.